You’re Probably All Wondering Why I’ve Gathered You Here Today…

Welcome to, whatever this is!

Honestly, I’m not completely sure what this is (besides a blog of course), but lucky for you, I at least have an idea of what this might be.

Some things this might be:
Me talking about interesting things
Me talking about stupid things
Me talking about interestingly stupid things

There, I think that about covers it.

But seriously, I will try my best to stick to at least one general theme, unfortunately my mind is quite easily distracted. There’s always a new thought or some new thing that catches the corner of my eye and sets me on some new tangent where I inevitably forget why I started talking in the first place. Oh, and did I mention that I enjoy talking? Yeah, so much in fact, that my friends told me to shut up, and write it all down! So here I am, and here you are, reading what I’m writing. Instead of annoying one person at a time, I can now annoy the entire planet at once! Well, the internet having people of the planet, who happen to stumble across this blog… welcome, internet havers! I’m happy you’ve stopped by!

Now that you’ve read this far, I’m sure you’re wondering, who am I? Why do I think I’m so special? Special enough, in fact, to write a blog that I think other people will read?

As a matter of fact, I do think I am special! I have a lot of things going on that seem abnormal to some, (although mostly just to the people in the midwestern town I grew up in). But I also have some very normal things going on. For example, I am a 26 year old girl who is working her first full time job. I’ve been at it for 2 years now (yay me!). I have a place that I rent, an SUV that I make payments on (and have affectionately named Ruby, more on her later), and a dog. I like to drink beer, hang out with friends, dabble in some rock climbing, and take Ruby on epic overland adventures across the rugged terrain of the west coast.

Well, ok, the last one isn’t completely true. I don’t actually do that… yet.

But I plan to.

Soon. Very soon.

Ruby is my 2015 4Runner sr5. I spent months (although it felt like forever) scouring any site that listed cars for sale and searching for a vehicle I could call my own. After talking to anyone that would listen, taking advice from anyone that gave it to me, and stumbling into the wonderful organization that is Central Oregon Land Cruisers, I determined that a 4Runner was the vehicle for me. Specifically a red one. Preferably a 5th gen. But I could deal with a 4th gen if the budget wasn’t there. So, a year ago, my search for a 5th gen barcelona red 4Runner began.

This blog is our story.

The story of Ruby, the story of a girl who’s car knowledge extends to the fact that a car has 4 wheels and you press the gas pedal to make it go.The story of a girl who plans to modify, upgrade, and repair her own vehicle. The story of a girl with a goal to travel across the US in her overlanding rig, that she constructed with her own hands.

With a shit ton of help of course.

Our story will be long, involve many people, include aspects of financial independence, overlanding, camping, adventuring, exploring, frustrations, triumphs, friends, and family. But most importantly, a girl with a dream, a dog, and a 4Runner named Ruby.


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